Code Checking. Help!

I have no idea why this ionic code doesn’t work. Please assists.

It should be correct and output is shown as below:

But I have no idea why VISUAL STUDIO CODE detects an error and unable to run it.


Select all code then press Ctrl + X(cut code) after do Ctrl + z(undo coe) and save(Ctrl + S) & see result.

You cant self-close ion-input tag.
It must be closed /ion-input like this.

Ion-Input is not self close tag u need closing tag for it like below

Hi ThanksHi Thanks

Hi, i tried but theres still error.

u still has the self closing / inside ur first ion-input remove that


If i do that, my taskname will be the error

have u declared taskName inside ur file
if u have not u need to declare it, then only ngModel will recognize taskName

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: