Clipboard Copy button

hello all…
I added a button to copy some text from my ion-card.
but I am unable to do it… it show some errors.
can anyone help me?

What button did you add?
What library or plugin is it using?
What errors do you get?
What ist your ionic info output?

I added in my html file:
to retrieve the data :

<ion-card *ngFor="let quote of quoteGroup.quotes; let i = index">

<ion-card-header text-center> {{ i + 1 }} </ion-card-header>
<ion-card-content text-center>
  <p>{{ quote.text | uppercase}}</p>

button I used for copy that text :
<button ion-button clear medium (click)="onCopy()" color="secondary" ><ion-icon name="copy"></ion-icon></button>

now in .ts file I don’t know what to write
In onClose( ) .

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