Click_action for push notification with fcm issue

Hi ,
I am able to get push notification by api and able to navigate when i am getting popup . But issue is that when notification is on notification tray then i am not able to show popup bez on click there is no event , My code is

this.fcm.onNotification().subscribe(response => {
if(response.wasTapped) {
alert(“Received in background”); …

now i google it and then i get some response for “click_action”:“hello.html”, put in api payload json . but how to integrate it in json because on click on notification when it is in notification tray then first popup should show .

That was not correct way to add click action So Please add this line only in your json payload
It will work.


Thanks but what to write there? Like i want to open a popup when click on that notification .So what should i pass thr in “click_action”: ??

“FCM_PLUGIN_ACTIVITY” I have mentioned above , This line will enable the click event.

“notification”: {
“title”: “Status Update”,
“body”: “Status of the request has been updated by Punjab Restaurant1”,
“sound”: “default”,

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Ok , Thanks for help. I will try with this.

where do i put this?