CLI ionic upload command and JSON assets

Hello. I have some static JSON files located in /assets/data that are loaded by http.get(). This works in-browser when running “ionic serve” as well as within the iOS and Android emulators, but when I use “ionic upload” to see the app in the Ionic View app, my JSON data cannot be accessed. Is there a trick to get this to work, or does the Ionic View app just not support JSON assets? Thanks!

Normally this should make no difference.

Are you doing strange things with paths to access these files? Maybe they are different in Ionic View (which downloads a .zip of your www folder (which you uploaded with ionic upload) and extracts it ).

I don’t think I’m doing anything strange. This is what I’m using: this.http.get(’/assets/data/my-data.json’)…

Fixed! I changed to a relative path, like “./assets/data/my-file.json”. Good to know :slight_smile:

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