Clear view cache in v1.0.0-beat.14 for all views

How is it possible to clear the whole view cache?
If i call $ionicHistory.clearCache(); this has no effect.

The idea is to clear the cache after a language switch of the app to get the new texts displayed. It should also be possible to refresh the labels of the tabs.

You can use : $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(0);


Are your views within nav-views? As for the documentation:

Removes all cached views within every ionNavView. This both removes the view element from the DOM, and destroy it’s scope.

You could try the $ionicHistory.clearHistory() which

Clears out the app’s entire history, except for the current view.

The structure is like this:
– ion-nav-view
---- ion-tabs
------ ion-tab
-------- ion-nav-view

And if I’m able to clear all views (1st and 3 level) also the tabs should be updated.


This has no effect from my understanding, I think you have to call it in a config block on startup not at run time.

If I set the $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(0); option in the .config block it works. But this is just a workaround, why do not cache the views if you need to refresh them occasionally.