Clear or destroy view


Hello there.

I’m using tabs for navigation in my app, but I have a problem.
There are situations where I go from one tab to another tab, but that second tab is a details view(there is a list view that was skipped).
I added a back button with $ionicHistory.goBack(), and it returns me to the first tab.
But if I select the second tab directly, I will still be in the details view, I could clear history when I select tabs, but if I do that, since I was on the detail view, there will be an animation leaving that view and going to my list view.

Is there a way to clear or destroy the view?

This guy gave a solution, but if I did that, the tab wouldn’t be selected, since the view is not inside the tab.
Unless I put 2 views inside the tab, is that possible?

Any other solutions?