CKEditor with divarea in Ionic: focus not working in iOS


Hello there,

we have an app built with Ionic 1. Now we want to include a rich text editor in it (WYSIWYG), and after trying different alternatives we decided to use CKEditor.

By default CKEditor uses an iframe, but we decided to use the divarea plugin because we want to apply a directive to the contents, and using an iframe would mean having to replicate the directive logic inside the iframe.

It works great for Android and browser, but when we tested in iOS we saw that the focus isn’t working right. I click in the editor, the iOS keyboard opens but when I type nothing is written in the editor. It’s like the focus is somewhere else. I tried to use exactly the same code outside of an Ionic app and it worked fine.

I’m using data-tap-disable=“true” for the editor, but I tried to remove it and it didn’t work anyway.

Any ideas of what might be going on?