Chrome cast support

Does anybody know what the best way is to play video on a Chrome Cast from an Ionic 2 app?

The main goal is making it work on Android but ideally it should work on iOS too.

Are these the best options:

I am not sure how to talk to non-typescript cordova plugins.

Those plugins both currently work and should work fine with ionic1 or ionic2+. As typescript is just a superset of javascript you just use them as you would any other javascript. The iOS plugin at least have quite detailed usage examples.

I would like to update these to a single plugin using the updated v3 cast SDK but I haven’t had the time just lately to spend on that. Hopefully can dedicate some time to it in the not to distant future.


Do you have any ionic sample using those plugins? I do not see any steps to use them in an ionic app or any related documentation in here.

Interested in this as well. These plugins still use the v2 cast SDK. It might be better to write a new plugin. @ghenry22 I can help out with this if you are interested?


Hi is there any sample code available to disable screen mirroring of app. please share if you have