Choose video with cameraoptions and then play it


I want the user to be able to choose a video from their photolibrary in phone with cameraoptions and then play this video with a tag after choosing it. However my problem is that I always get a broken video showing even thought i get the URL.

My html-file:
<video [hidden]=“hideChosenVideo” src="{{chosenImageHolder}}" [src]=“chosenImageHolder” type=“video/mp4”>

This is my TS-code for this right now:
cameraOptions = {
quality: 50,
allowEdit: true,
const chosenFile = await;
if (isMovie === ‘MOV’ || isMovie === ‘mp4’){ (videoUrl) => {
if (videoUrl){
this.chosenVideo = videoUrl;

This gives me a videoUrl that looks like this : “file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/498FBB4A-7316-4E8E-AC08-26F9E8D809E8/tmp/videoname.MOV”

ive tried remove ‘/private/’ and also “file:///private/” from the string but that doesnt help

Ive googled and searched around alot concerning this without any success…
What do I need to do to play the video chosen from the local phone storage?

Thank you in advance!

Anyone had any success playing videos chosen from phone storage that they can share? :slight_smile:

Probably the droids you are looking for.