Checking Internet connection

Iam developing an App, and i need to detect, of there is internet connection avalaible or not. Iam using network information plugin, the problem is, it says online when i connect to wifi, and dont test, if i have internet connection through this wifi. Is there any way to check if there is really internet connection?

Try to use Network.type to get connectivity of your app. Since when device has no connection Netwok.type will give none, otherwise the type of network.

I use it like this:
checkNetwork() {
return new Promise((resolve,reject) =>{
} else{
this.provider.toastMessage(‘Please check your connection …’)

the problem is the network.type is wifi, but the wifi isnt connected to the internet. How to solve this problem?

I don’t think this is possible as phrased here, because “the internet” is too vague. You can try reaching a specific known host.

But how to check It? I mean for example if I want to check connection to specific website with specific port how is it possible? like my Oracle Apex backend which is only accessible with 8081 port number.


Establish a /heartbeat endpoint or something in your backend that just always returns 200 OK.

this._http.get('/heartbeat').subscribe(() => {
    // yep, good to go
  }, (err) => {
    // ruh roh

I solved my problem temporary, Thank you. but this make app in real world bad I used interval with this code to check real time internet connectivity.

I’m having the same issue with 1.3.2 on iOS only, Android is fine. I see the endpoint and delay workarounds, but how do we contact the wrapper developer to raise an issue to get this fixed properly?