Checkbox validator for SEX

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i have checkbox to ask sex along user’s registration but i am not able to create my validator for that.


<ion-checkbox checked="false" formControlName="sexe" [(ngModel)]="user.sexe" [class.invalid]="!mySignupForm.controls.sexe.valid"></ion-checkbox>

<ion-checkbox checked="false" formControlName="sexe" [(ngModel)]="user.sexe" [class.invalid]="!mySignupForm.controls.sexe.valid"></ion-checkbox>


this.mySignupForm ={
sexe: ['', SexeValidator.isValid]


import { FormControl } from '@angular/forms';
export class SexeValidator {
    static isValid(boxes: FormControl): any {
	      let valid : boolean = false,
	          k     : any;
	      let count  : number = 0;

	      for (k in boxes.value)

	      if (count==1) {
	      else if (count ==0) {
	      else if (count==2) {
	      else {

	      return {



GIven the political direction of multiple countries, I would make an enum Gender, and have 1 and 2 be MALE and FEMALE, so you can add DECLINE_TO_STATE, or anything else that a state or country form might mandate in the future.

By the way, that’s a cute enum trick:

enum Gender {
  MALE = 1, // this is 1
  FEMALE // this is 2

That way, you can just check (!genderVariable) and you don’t have to differentiate between undefined and 0.


yes i can improve this code, not all doubt but i want try some function corresponding to each gender.

But at this time, i just want validate each gender in my validator and i can’t access each value of each checkbox

I’d recommend you read the official Angular validator docs. Don’t use static, don’t use any. Do follow code examples in official Angular docs.

they don"t talk about <ion-checkbox> just <input type="checkbox"> but i found solution with angular on stackoverflow but they used follow code in app.js that i can"t (or i don"t know use) in my ionic 3 app.

.controller {


in addition, i use this.mySignupForm ={}) inside my constructor and i don"t know how use external function.

Checkboxes are a bad fit here. A select would be a more intuitive UI, and also design this validation problem out of existence.

There’s a lot of weak code there, straight talk. Read the official Angular docs on form validation, and apply that to Ionic. That’s far and away the best resource.

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thanks for the select, so sorry if ionic & angularjs are not my life