Checkbox element displaying label on top instead of right



I am using the default checkbox element within ionic:

    <ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="pepperoni"></ion-checkbox>

but the label (Pepperoni) is always displayed on top the checkbox, not on the right, like shown in the documentation.

I created a new blank app as well, the result is the same…
what am i doing wrong?



Hi Andreas,

I found this (

<ion-list> <ion-checkbox ng-model="">Red</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox ng-model="filter.yellow">Yellow</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox ng-model="">Pink</ion-checkbox> </ion-list>

So try without ion-label but put the label inside ion-checkbox.


Hi - Thank you!

I found this tutorial:

and i guess, i just didnt recognize, it is about v2 (i am using 1)…

thanks again!