Charting library for Ionic 2 Apps

Can anybody please suggest a charting library that gels well with Ionic 2? I am looking for something that is responsive and something that would work on mobile phones, tablets and laptop/desktop screens as well.

I have gone through a few of the past posts in this forum that are talking about charting. Few popular ones comes out to be Chart.js, ng2-charts and also got D3.

I thought of checking with the experts here instead of reinventing the wheel on which works best with Ionic 2. I am sure there will be pros and cons of choosing one over another.

Thanks for your great help!

Suggestions please…

This post solves chart imports.

Personally, I was going to need to tackle this problem this week. My normal rule is to check for the popularity of a package.

Plotly.js has 20-some thousand downloads this month. Chart.js has 10 times that. Lots of StackOverflow help for Chart.js as well. Looks like that’s what I’ll be using.

Thanks @ryanlogsdon for your kind reply. Chart.js is what I ended up using and it’s working fine. The charts are not really that attractive (tried bar, doughnut and line charts) but it works. Maybe, I need to read more on Chart.js to beautify and make it more attractive to the users. That will be my next task. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for replying, appreciated!