Changes in beta 1 (nightly)

Beta 1 is on the way and I can see that there are few changes (with nightly my app is not working).
Are there change notes to use nightly build?

Not until the beta is released. The new markup is already present in the documentation so you can have a look at it and compile the list of changes for yourself. The changes I noticed most are located in the markup for the nav bar and the nav bar buttons.

And these concerns me the most :slight_smile: I’ll look at docs.

The nightly docs are the best source right now:

Thanks. I have few question - somethings are not working properlly but I’ll wait for a beta release (as planned in 2 days?)

There is no defined date for the Beta. The devs are busting it to get it released soon. However, they want a solid API that is not going to require significant changes down the road. So, they will release when they feel it is as stable and solid as possible.