Change z-index of overlays in ionic framwork version 5

Hi :slight_smile:
The Problem:

The z-index of the dialog is 90
The Question: How can i change the z-index of overlays in the ionic Framework?

So you want to show an actionsheet over a popover/modal?
I have no experience doing so, but looking at the doc, it seems that it is a scoped element who’s css attribute you can manipulate through being more specific.

ion-action-sheet .action-sheet-wrapper { 
z-index : 100000


Or rethink your UI. An actionsheet over a modal may not be that common?

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+1 on “rethink the UI”. Nested modals violate the fundamental contract of modals - they interrupt ordinary operation in order to prioritize some interaction that is urgently needed to proceed forward. By definition, there can only be one of those at once.

Thanks for answers, i have change the UI :blush: