Change state when click notification in the notification tray


I am using ionic sidemenu template project to test pushplugin on an android device
when i make app background and send notification from server, it is ok to receive the message,
but i want to change to certain state(or view) when I click the notification in notification tray,

for example,

  1. i am in state ‘’ and make the app in background
  2. receive message and click it in notification tray
  3. I use $state.go(‘app.playlists’) and it does goto the state but a “back button” will present at top and when i click it will back to ‘’

I would want to switch to ‘app.playlists’ just like i use the links in sidemenu, any idea what i might missed?



Not sure about when you click on the tray, but you could change states in you ecb