Change event is not fired on <ion-input> when the input value is changed from external script

I want to call the function whenever the input is changed.

I have created the following in my home.html file

<ion-input type="text" class="scoreboardus" [(ngModel)]='text' 
      (input)='onInputTime($' (change)='onChangeTime($'>

and in home.ts file

onChangeTime() {
  alert('onChangeTime called');

onInputTime() {
  alert('onInputTime called');

the above code works fine if manually give values in the input field.

My problem:

I am changing input value from one of external javascript file.

$('.scoreboardus input').val(200).trigger('onchange');

The above code change the input field value… But function is not called

Please hellp me

you should use

Still the function is not called bro…