Change detection not updating view on root pages

Im not sure what is going wrong here, but for some reason, If I navigate to a page via this.nav.setRoot() I don’t get any change detection via observables getting new data working on that page. clicking a button does fire the detection.

I have .markForCheck() and .detectChanges() but that have not helped.
ive added .zone() to the observables also, and they also dont seem to assist.

going to the same page via a nav.push, the change detection works correctly.

any suggestions on how i can debug this issue?

Do you call detectChanges inside ionViewWillEnter?

the subscription is called inside ngOnInit()
and the detectChanges() is done inside the sub after do what i need to do with the data that is returned.
i have a console.log() inside there also so i know that the changed are being done to the data, just not showing up

I don’t understand the relation of what you just said to the setRoot command.