Change custom side menu layout


I’m new on Ionic Framework. I’m starting my first app with this beautiful framework.

I’m need to add custom style to Side menu, adding profile picture (my app is a intranet service for users).

I need to display menu partially on mobile, for example, this is the design:

Opened menu

Closed menu

Currently (in develope)

I need the button is in the menu.

Any idea?

Unfortunately, currently this is impossible unless you’re willing to rewrite how submenu works.

In your case, you’re expecting side menu is moving with the main page. In reality, a submenu is stationary, the main page is the only moving part of an app.

You would need to animate side menu sliding to the left while it’s closing.

Okay, thanks for the feedback

Haves ionic a guideline for graphics designers? Some of them like to fantasize about the designs in applications or websites

Haha thanks again :smile: