Certificate based authentication in ionicframework

I am developing all my mobile apps now with ionic Framework only.

Currently i have to run them in device browser. The reason behind not to compile them in native is , “I MUST USE CERTIFICATE BASED AUTHENTICATION”.

Every device in my organization has a special certificate to get authenticated, which works very fine from browsers.

Can some one please guide me to the direction where i can compile my apps into native and certificate authenticateion works like in browsers ?

Well since cordova is using web technologies, there shouldn’t be any issue when you make your app. The code you write doesn’t get complied into native code, but just gets wrapped in a native webview

@mhartington thanks for response…I meant native in this case by wrapped in a native web view.
I have tried once to wrap my ionic app and it just don’t work.

I will try again and will get back if I still have issues
thanks again

After a long time… I tried again with no succeed

I have found this thread… Any thoughts???