Center Ion-Popover

I used the Ion-Popover method on a popover instance, and it positioned the popover relative to the element clicked, but I want to center the popover in middle of the viewport, the docs say a click event needs to be passed into the options of the the present method. If the event is not passed, the popover will be positioned in the center of the viewport, and I do not understand what they mean, can someone please elaborate

export default {
  components: { IonButton, IonContent, IonPage },
  methods: {
    async openPopover(ev: Event) {
      const popover = await popoverController
          component: Popover,
          cssClass: 'my-custom-class',
          event: ev,
          translucent: true
      await popover.present();

      const { role } = await popover.onDidDismiss();
      console.log('onDidDismiss resolved with role', role);

Seemed to have solved it myself, removed the ev: Event from the openPopover method and the event.ev and now the popover is centered, just need to center it to the top now.