CCTV in Ionic

Is there any possibility of using CCTV with Ionic framework?
It would be mjpeg or rtsp stream and that stream sometimes need to for example to be stopped - that’s why I can’t use iframe.

Noone knows?
Is it possible to eg. use own Android’s xml in Cordova WebView? (is used in creating activities or fragment activities)

What IS the CCTV ? Whant to know please!!!

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In a word, I want to receive and show camera’s stream on phone (OS: Android and iOS), (stream: MJPEG and RTSP). But it has to be possibility of stopping the stream and taking snapshot.

it work with ionic 2? did you use any plugin or service?

Hmm, that’s I’m trying to do.
I’m searching these things. That’s why I posted here.

Sure. I developed zmNinja that is a front-end for ZoneMinder for ionic v1. It does both jpeg image streaming and video tag playback.

I have now started writing a v2 version to teach myself new Angular2 tricks.

Thanks for reply.
But looking for ionic2/ionic3 :slightly_frowning_face:

What is the difference? MJPEG streaming works on both. Your question has nothing specific to ionic2. It is a function of rendering using img src . For RTSP your best option is to transcode it to s compatible format on the server. There are Cordova plugins that use ffmpeg on the device but not sure if they are good.

You missed the point where I wrote I am updating my app to v2+


were you able to find a way to solve the depreciation of embedded username and password on camera URL ? (ios and anaroid does not allow img src to have a uname pass in the url )


Yes, I converted user:pass@url to an Authorization: header. Of course, that only works if the end system accepts an Authorization header or if you can have an intermediate proxy. In my case, I always had an intermediate proxy. If you don’t and the camera doesn’t accept Authorization: headers, there isn’t a good solution

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