Capacitor print plugin

I’m looking for a printer plugin for capacitor.

Am I correct in saying that there is no print plugin for Capacitor?
I’ve searched the forum but only ever found something about cordova printer plugins, never something about capacitor printer plugins.

If I’m wrong, I would be very happy about a few hints.



Were you ever able to find a solution? I have been searching for forever it feels like.

Ionic docs keeps pointing to this repo here: awesome-cordova-plugins/printer

However, I haven’t had great success with this plugin. In my case I am trying to print a pdf that was converted to base64.

The awesome-cordova-plugins/printer is based on this cordova-plugin-printer. This plugin has not been updated for quite some time and uses outdated Android libraries. I found a fork of this library, (forked cordova-plugin-printer) that resolved the outdated Android libaries.

I am really hoping capacitor team will make an official plugin to finally replace the cordova printer. Or at least provide some documentation of a workaround of some kind.

:tada: I’ve just published a Capacitor Printer plugin: Capacitor Printer Plugin - Capawesome

Let me know if any feature is missing.


The plugin is nice, is it possible to print directly with complex option

What options do you need? I would like to add them. Best create a feature request on GitHub.