Capacitor plugin to handle permission request code

greetings, hi guys, im working in an app in ionic with react and capacitor, im loading a Web in an Iframe, that web page needs access to camera, but when it tryes to display the camera and after give it camera access permission i’m facing this error:

E/chromium: [] WebContentsDelegate::CheckMediaAccessPermission: Not supported.
E/chromium: [] WebContentsDelegate::CheckMediaAccessPermission: Not supported.
W/cr_media: Requires MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS and RECORD_AUDIO. No audio device will be available for recording
I/zygote: Do full code cache collection, code=252KB, data=200KB
I/zygote: After code cache collection, code=243KB, data=172KB
D/Capacitor: App paused
D/Capacitor: Unable to find a Capacitor plugin to handle permission requestCode, trying Cordova plugins 8
D/Capacitor/Plugin/App: Firing change: true
V/Capacitor/Plugin/App: Notifying listeners for event appStateChange
D/Capacitor/Plugin/App: No listeners found for event appStateChange
D/Capacitor: App resumed
V/Capacitor/Plugin/Network: Notifying listeners for event networkStatusChange
D/Capacitor/Plugin/Network: No listeners found for event networkStatusChange

What code are you using on the website to access the camera?

Hello, did you solve this problem?