Capacitor: Plugin Camera

After 2 years, I’m back in Ionic development…yeeiiiih! :slight_smile:

I added Capacitor to my Ionic 4 app.

I also created the example with the camera-plugin (Capacitor) ->

Now I see some bugs within the Camera-Plugin.
The bug happens within the Camera-UI (installed by the @ionic/pwa-elements).
There is a black screen shown, when I cancel the taken photo on the picture-verify screen.


  1. Can I fix the plugin on my own, or do I have to wait for another version?
  2. Can I anyhow change the UI of the camera-plugin
  3. I’m right with the assumption, that if I would create a capacitor-plugin (for the platforms ios, android)
    I need to write specific swift-code (for ios-platform) and java-code (for andoid-platform)?

Thanks for any help.