Capacitor Microfrontend with React js and ModuleFederationPlugin

I started with Capacitor Microfrontend integration. I have reviewed the documentation, which indicates that we need the enterprise version to achieve this using FederatedCapacitor. I have two individual applications, Header and Footer, as well as a shell application where my capacitor is configured. I have set up ModuleFederationPlugin to handle Microfrontends, and I am able to run my web application with header and footer microfrontends. Now, I have attempted the same with Capacitor without adding FederatedCapacitor to my capacitor Plugin. I have built app with webpack and the ran cap sync. Surprisingly, my iOS app is still able to load both the header and footer modules in my host app. This has left me confused. Do we really need FederatedCapacitor to achieve microfrontends, or can we achieve this without it? Please suggest