Capacitor live-reload for IOS launch browser instead of webview

When a server url is specified capacitor.config.json in order for the app to be loaded from remote, the IOS app is launched in browser (via simulator) instead of the webview. It is not the case for Android, both are loaded in webview. Is this a bug in IOS ? How do I force it to load in webview ? Please help.

can you share your capacitor.config.json? I’ve never seen that behaviour.

Hi jcesarmobile,

Please find attached my capacitor.config.json

Does sitename?query redirect somewhere else?

it points to my server www folder where the ionic index.html is served from

here is the podfile

I mean, is the url that the browser opens the same that you configured in the server.url?
Or is it different? (because of a redirect or something else)

Yes, it is opened the same in the server. It is not redirected or is different.
It works fine in Android, but IOS. I tested in both IOS simulator and the actual device, the same problem occurs. Give me your private email, I can send u the link in private.

Looking at CapBridgeViewController.swift, I wonder whether or not this piece of code is responsible for the launch of the external browser. If it is, what can I do to stop it

got the problem solved, just missing this configuration

that configuration is not needed, unless the url is different from the server url and you said it wasn’t