Capacitor HTTP request return 0 status on Android device

My application works fine on webview but it returns status 0 on android device from HTTP request.

Is the endpoint https? If not, does the problem persist even when it is?

I have solved the error by adding android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true” to AndroidManifest.xml

I really wish you would rethink that choice, because it is for the security of users everywhere that mobile OS providers are trying to guide app authors towards using HTTPS, and especially since anybody can get free SSL certs from LetsEncrypt, the burden of implementation is simply negligible these days.

So, what do u suggest? to do

As I said in my previous post, install an SSL certificate on the backend server and then use HTTPS. I use and recommend LetsEncrypt, but there are other alternatives.

It will be a better idea thanks. but for now, this application is for private use, that’s why I didn’t encrypted