Capacitor-firebase/authentication not shows google popup when i try to sign in on ios

I dont know what happen when I try to sign in with google on ios, I configured my ios project with my GoogleService-info and my URL types on my project, I cleaned and build my project but nothing happens , my code for login is this service that return a promise

loginWithGoogle(): Promise {
return FirebaseAuthentication.signInWithGoogle();

i use this method on my component:

public async loginGoogle() {
console.log(‘login google…’);
this.logInService.loginWithGoogle().then((user: any) => {
console.log('user: ', user)
}).catch((error: any) => {
console.log('error with google auth: ', error)

on my web app works good but in my ios app not working , not shows the popup, on xcode console shows me “FirebaseAuthentication signInWithGoogle ”

I’m using “@capacitor-firebase/authentication”: “^5.4.1” I tried with other capacitors but not works.

Please Help me! :frowning:

signInWithGoogle isn't working for me · robingenz/capacitor-firebase-authentication · Discussion #128 · GitHub.

This may help, Please check.

this worked for me,
capacitor-firebase/packages/authentication/docs/ at 327f1c3ad3a7c9f25cc87adc3b53819819beb9db · capawesome-team/capacitor-firebase · GitHub