Capacitor Firebase analytics fails iOS

Trying to build iOS of my app that “should” use firebase analytics

It fails with

ArgumentError - Illformed requirement `"$IOS_FIREBASE_ANALYTICS_VERSION"

I installed it thus

npm install cordova-plugin-analytics
npm install @ionic-native/analytics-firebase
ionic cap sync

and the ionic cap sync command was successful.

There’s another plugin for Firebase Analytics:

Try checking it out

Looks like and very old and not well maintained codebase.

I am currently using this plugin:

Works so far.

Hi @Epiq, I came back to this issue and in fact I put the wrong link into my post. I am using your linked library. There are so many implementations but none seems to work. I am messing with the build parameters in the node_module right now.

@HeikoKanzler could not get your linked lib to work. It failed with Xcode compile errors.

I got it to work with

but I still had to manually fix my build error and another Xcode build error.


edit vi ./node_modules/cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics/plugin.xml

Replace pod name with
<pod name="Firebase/Analytics" spec="~> 7.0.0" />

Build issue with Xcode was essentially this error:

Had to disable double quotes as for the Pod build

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Sorry for disappearing for a while.
Glad you managed to get it to work!

P.S. In the future, please leave more details on your setup, so that others can reproduce your issue :wink:

Thanks, yeah, I would like to share but it’s proprietary … :man_shrugging: Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: