Capacitor FileSystem - Read File From SDCARD (not media)

Hi, I have a problem using Capacitor FileSystem with Android 13 Scope Storage.

I want a simple thing, in a SDCARD there is directory with files (not media, json files), these files are created by dumping there via computer do SDCARD.

|- file.json
|- file2.json

In my app, I need to read EXERNAL_STORAGE (SDCARD) / MyDir , and manipulate data to my OWN application storage. The problem is I can’t read the JSON files, or I get Capacitor Exception - Unavailable or I get File does not Exist.

Has anybody in Android 13, tried to read files, that are not MEDIA FILES from the SDCARD ? Nobody seems to talk about this issue, and the documentation in Capacitor lacks detailed information.

IonicFramework v7
Capacitor v5