Capacitor Filesystem api

Hi all,
I need an information.

On my phone several apps creates a folder with the package name on internal storage.
Those folders are browsable from pc.

I would like to create a folder in internal storage for my app to store some generated images and pdf.

Actually the file are stored in file:///data/user/0/[packageName]/files/temp.pdf but this folder is not accessible from pc.

If I use Documents folder I get this error
Error: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/temp.pdf: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)

So… is it possible to create a personal folder on internal storage?
I cannot find anything on the web…


Not familiar with the wk, but my basic understanding is capacitor provides a wrapper and web view. Capacitor also provides super easy functions for platform detection, to customize the experience and maintain one code base, and the big thing is API calls, not just to a backend (angular does fine with HTTP) but api calls to the device, like accessing the iPhone camera, photos, etc.

Im sorry but this doesnt help me…
Is there a way on android (i cannot afford a mac ti develop on ios) to create a folder on android/0/emulated path?
Do you have some example?
If is not possible dont worry.

You can connect your cellphone via usb and run the adb shell command on your terminal to access your phone’s shell. There you can access your app’s external storage using the command cd sdcard/Android/data/[package-name]. You can also use run-as [package-name] to access your app’s internal storage.

This is for sure an useful tips to use.
But my target is to save a file in a folder where the user can use it with a simple file browser on the phone.
As said before, a lot of application creates its own folder in android/0/emulated folder.
Until now i cannot find a way to do this with capacitor