Capacitor-community-facebook-login:classpath'. Could not resolve

Hello guys, I have a problem don’t know how to fix it.
The problem about after the install @capacitor-community/facebook-login

and make some setup follow by the step of

it’s work fine until I build and sync the app in android by android studio, and then got an error like the below images.
Someone helps me, please.

Note: It’s everything work fine unstill install @capacitor-community/facebook-login

Looks like you don’t have a internet connection or it’s failing to download that version of gradle plugin.

Try changing the plugin gradle file to as that’s the version that capacitor 3 and it’s plugins use.

I had done my issue with the way is uninstall android studio and installed that again =)))

I realized maybe in some cases my android studio version is 4.1, but another computer with an android studio in version 4.2 is not occurring any errrors.

And after that, my problem was gone now. By the way, I am thrilled when you spent your busy time answering my post, sorry and many thanks to you.