@capacitor/camera How to get just a detail of a photo?

may be someone can give me an advice. I already use the camera-plugin in my app for a simple image gallery. There is no limitation for width and height of a photo. I just use the imageoption “quality: 40”. But now I would like to use the camera for creating an avatar image similar to the camera function in Telegram. There you click on the default profile image, choose camera, take a photo and then open an editor to just get a detail of your photo. It normal case it would be your face for a profile .
It could be easier if the camera already opens with a square so that the user dont need to edit the picture later. The user sees a square, he aligns his face into the square and click. And then a limit for 200 width x200 height px. Is there a way to get just a detail of a photo?

That’s not possible with Camera plugin