Capacitor as default

“Using Ionic and Capacitor together is the way to build the best app experience possible”, as stated in the capacitor intro. Could we then have capacitor integrated already when running $ionic start ?

It is integrated? i think you just need to add “–capacitor”

What I’m dreaming of is to include plugins provided by capacitor into the generated project by default. For example, StatusBar, SplashScreen, etc.

A problem I am facing is that the Cordova splash screen seemed not working well with Capacitor. My splashscreen is stretched even I have set SplashMaintainAspectRatio in config.xml .

On the other hand, the capacitor splashscreen works well. However, I cannot find a way to remove the cordova splash yet, even I have run the rm command and remove all the related codes in my project.

So what’s happening now is that, my app will show two splashscreens when opening. Still finding a way to fix. Hope that ionic will do the job for us in the later versions.

I had a similar problem. Following solutions in this thread helped Splash Screen is stretched in some devices

And this

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Capacitor is only set as the default for new apps. If you want to convert a Cordova project to Capacitor take a look at our migration guide: