Capacitor Angular Router-Outlet Activate Event Emitter Issue

I’m using Angular v12 and Capacitor v3 without Ionic. I’m trying to get the name of the active parent component. I’m using this code in the app.component.html:

<router-outlet (activate)="onActivate($event)"></router-outlet>

Then, in the app.component.ts I’m using the onActivate function like this:

onActivate(event: any) {

In a web browser it alerts correctly with the active component name, but in an emulator or on my cell it alerts the letter e.

When I alerted event.constructor on my cell it shows the class name is ‘e’ and not the component name.

Is there a way of using Angular and Capacitor without Ionic to get the name of the active component?

Thanks for reading!

It sounds like you need to turn on source maps. Without source maps, your code with look a minified after your run ng build and it will be hard to match your debug code with your production code that is used in Capacitor: typescript - Angular 12 source map is missing in browser - Stack Overflow