Capacitor 5 Migration Problems (Android)

I’ve followed the migration instructions here to upgrade my project to Capacitor 5 but have two issues (both on the Android side):

When I select Tools - AGP Upgrade Asssistant in Android Studio nothing happens - anyone had this issue?

Also, when I build my project and open it in Android Studio I get this error:

Namespace not specified. Please specify a namespace in the module's build.gradle file like so:

android {
    namespace 'com.example.namespace'

I’ve seen a couple of other posts here and here referencing this but nothing is working for me - any ideas?

Are you using Android Studio Flamingo?
When you open your project the first time on Flamingo it should prompt you to update gradle to version 8 and also moves the namespace from the AndroidManifest.xml to the build.gradle. Unless you ignored it the first time or choose “don’t ask me again”.

You can manually move the package as explained in this step

You can also update gradle with this command
cd android && ./gradlew wrapper --distribution-type all --gradle-version 8.0.2 --warning-mode all and manually update gradle plugin version as explained here

If after that Android Studio still complains about Namespace not specified, some plugin is probably not updated to use gradle 8. You can run npx cap sync and it should patch the namespace on plugins that have not been updated yet, but it’s recommended to check if the plugins can be updated first and update to the latest version.

Anyway, it’s way simpler to just run npx cap migrate as it does all those changes automatically.

Thanks - I ran npx cap migrate and also upgraded Android Studio to Flamingo. All the migration steps seem to have worked - apart from me being left with this one issue (and the issue that when I run Tools - Run AGP Upgrade Assistant nothing happens - which might be connected maybe?)

If you ran npx cap migrate then you don’t need to run AGP Upgrade Assistant, migrate command already “assist” you to upgrade gradle. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.

Did you see any errors or warnings on the migrate log?
Did you answer yes to the update dependencies step?

Thanks for your help. I seem to have solved it.

I deleted my package lock file and my node-modules folder and did an npm install.

One of my plugin versions was not compatible with Capacitor 5 so I had to up it’s version.

I ran npm install again and it worked. I then built the project and did a npx cap sync and then npx cap open android.

At THAT point a Gradle upgrade occurred AND a prompt to run the AGP Upgrade Assistant. The app is now running on my device