Cap run works, build APK doesn't

Hey guys,

I’m facing an issue with my Ionic Capacitor app where it works perfectly fine when doing a cap run, but when I export and install the APK, it just shows a white blank screen. I have followed the official documentation and checked my code thoroughly, but I can’t seem to figure out the problem.

I have tried:

  • removing the link to dev server in capacitor.config.ts but it did not work.
  • tried removing <data android:scheme="@string/custom_url_scheme" android:host="oauth" /> from AndroidManifest.xml, which also did not work.
  • Tried to copy the project to a fresh project but that also did not work.

I suspect that maybe it can be a depreciated dependency but I am not too sure.

I will appreciate and be grateful for any help I can get.
Link to the github repo for the app: changemakers/frontend at develop · frappe/changemakers · GitHub