Can't upload android keytool

I’m encountering an issue with uploading the Android keytool due to an error. Despite verifying that the keytool passwords are absolutely correct, the problem persists. I suspect the underlying issue may be related to a discrepancy in Java versions used by different endpoints. Specifically, the keytool was generated using Java version 17 via Android Studio. However, when attempting to verify the keystore with Java version 11.0.2 (2019-01-15 LTS), an exception is encountered:

keytool error: Integrity check failed: Algorithm HmacPBESHA256 not available Integrity check failed: Algorithm HmacPBESHA256 not available

This suggests that the keystore integrity check fails due to the absence of the HmacPBESHA256 algorithm in Java version 11.0.2. It appears that the keystore encryption used in newer Java versions (like the one integrated into the Android Studio I used for keytool generation) might not be fully compatible with older Java versions, leading to this algorithm mismatch and the subsequent error.


I also get this error trying to upload the android keystore. I’ve tried both using Android Studio and keytool but the error persists in Appflow.

I’ve observed that generating the keystore using the keytool from Java 11 leads to a smooth upload process without any issues.

Today, I had this problem with JDK 22 (current LTS) and it was solved when using JDK 19 (oldest available).