Cant start an old project on Ionic

Hello, i just came across with a task…I have to change thinks on an old project ionic-angular 3.7.1 but when i try to install the app with npm install command, btw i clone a repo, but i got those errors
Ionic Version 3.8.0 (PC)

It shows your node version to be 16. you need to switch it to a lower version like 10.

If you have Node version manager installed, like nvm or n , you can install v10 and switch between 16 and 10 whenever you please.

if i downgrade the nodejs ta >10 version, i cant install because of that
ERROR: npm is known not to run on Node.js v9.6.1

are you trying to install via your node manager? try

nvm install v10
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no,i’m just downloading the specific version from the site
but thats didnt work either…

with a npm version 6.1.0 and nodejs 10.6.0 i have those errors when i am trying to install the app