Can't see maps while Testing App on ios iphone device

Hi everyone,

I’m newbie. If the question is not related about ionic-v1, admin can move the question.

Firstly I wanted to show saved google maps on my app. When i use “ionic serve --lab” my results are like that

However, when i run on my device, maps are not shown. how can i fix that ? I’m sharing my ss of app, developer, device management and AppTransferSecurity


![13|281x499](upload://bYWaDUY5dJemEHctVUP5VWYe3Oq.jpeg (1)|281x499](/uploads/default/original/3X/c/f/cf43cd7774c233e73bf2ece73b73efd884404b6d.jpeg)

Problem has been solved. Topic can be erased.

How did you solve it?