Can't return back to previous page


I have a simple anchor tag, and when a user click the anchor, it opens a webview. But when I press the back button, it doesnt return back to the previous page. It only stay at the someurl page. Any idea how to return back to the previous page?

> <ion-nav-view>
>       <ion-view>
>         <ion-header-bar class="bar-stable">
>           <h1 class="title">Title</h1>
>         </ion-header-bar>
>         <ion-content>
>             <a href="someurl"></a>
>         </ion-content>
>       </ion-view>
>     </ion-nav-view>

Which version of Ionic are you using? And what was the code you used to navigate to this page with?

I’m using ionic version 1.7.14. In Android phone there is a return button to go back to previous state. I thought is similar to native Android when you open a link and press the phone return button it should go back to previous state. The anchor link is an external website which I don’t have control, when the site is open, I should be able to go back when I press the Phone return button. Or any code that you can suggest? I tried the ion-nav-bar but doesnt work, when the site is open, the ion-nav-bar doesnt show.

> <!-- The nav bar that will be updated as we navigate -->
>   <ion-nav-bar class="bar-positive">
>   </ion-nav-bar>