Can't resolve all parameters for Storage: (?, ?)

Ionic app all of a sudden stopped working. I was trying to install ionic-cache which required to update ionic. I did the fatal attempt to upgrade ionic and everything stops ! I have been trying to make my project come back to life but it won’t.
Tried to update via : npm update
but does not work, tried a lot of other things but nothing works. Can anyone help ? Why am I getting this error ? How can I update ionic ? How to roll back ?

I suppose this error arived after you were adding local storage.
Thats the version problem.
The error is regarding the recent updates in the storage.
You can try the following links to rectify this issue.

If the above method doesn’t work. then run the following commands in the project directory
npm uninstall --save @ionic/storage
npm install --save @ionic/storage@1.1.6

Hope this helps

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@Vithika : That worked !!! Thanks a lot.

But now I have another error : main.js:44690 Uncaught Error: Module build failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘PROJECT/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/esm/index.js’

Can u send the screenshot

Sure here it is :

The file in question does not exist. The latest ionic-native only has a .ts file in the src folder. So, how do I locate where this error is coming from.
I have the latest versions of ionic and angular.

p.s : Thanks once again for helping out.

Thats ok.
Please send me the code of your storage.ts file.
As i can’t say anything like this.
Have you imported http module there…

package.json would probably be useful to anybody trying to suggest things.

I fixed it by installing an older version of ionic native : ionic-native@2.2.6

I think this is a mistake, because you are losing out on both bugfixes and the significant app binary reduction in ionic-native v3.

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