Can't load a simple page

Hello guy’s

I’m quite experienced programmer in Java/c++ but, I’ve recently change job and I have to learn and develop a mobile application that will run on ios, android, and others. My research lead me to cordova and then Ionic. But, I also know nothing about web development, javascrip, css.

But, I’ve learn fast, I’ve learn about many many things in the last 2 week. And I feel I’m a bit ready to try to produce some work. but, here it is, the first step I try, I just can’t do nothing.

building is ok, running on emulator is ok, I know now a few about javascript and html, I like the Ionic look and feel of application. I’ve been able to run, build, modify a bit the tab and sidemenue sample.

So here it is, now, I created a blank sample and I want to start build something. My application would look like the tabs sample one, but with just one step before to log in.

So, all I want to do, is create a into the main body, create another page and load it as default with

but, it look that what ever on how I create a simple login html and by a simple state definition, I just can’t make it work!

so, how do we do that? I just want to display a simple page into the ion-nav-view. So, I presume that my login html should be a ion-view? and that I just have a simple state like

.state(‘login’, {
url: “/login”,
templateUrl: “templates/login.html”

and the login view could be just something like

 <h1>HELLO LOGIN</h1>


Ah damn…

Look like I’ve got it!, I was aiming too big at start I believe

Sorry for the inconvenient…

anyway, Sure I will have other question!

Hey there!

So if you need any more help, feel free to check out our codepen page for some examples.