Can't get the value of an element in the screen(array of dictionaries)

I’m working on a project and I need to handle an array of dictionaries and show them on the screen , I was able to get the data from the API and print them in the console but I couldn’t handle them !
here is an example of a response :

[{"title":"test","desc":"testing","image_path":"uploads/8 (1).jpg58f214dcd4787.jpg"},{"title":"Bxbx","desc":"Bxbxbx","image_path":"uploads/image58f214e9a90a4.jpg"},{"title":"Bdbxb","desc":"Bdbxb","image_path":"uploads/image58f246021a065.jpg"}]

and here is the code of the html component :

  <ion-item *ngFor="let it of menu">
    <ion-thumbnail item-left>
      <img src="url_to_api/"+{{it.image_path}}>

note : the array which hold the data is called : menu in the .ts file

imageForItem(item): string {
  return 'url_to_api/' + item.image_path;

<img [src]="imageForItem(it)">
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Thanks I was desperate for 2 days because of this problem !
you’re the best!

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All I ask in return is that you come back here and do your best to help others.

I’ll do what I can to help