Can't get scroll position during deceleration!

I am at my wits end trying to get this. I have gone through many iterations of my app through several technologies. I was happy to find native scrolling, but alas, It is defective. If I poll the $ionicScrollDelegate.getScrollPosition() at an interval, I don’t get up-to-date values for positions, on iOS only.

I’m working on a solution where I simulate iOS scrolling physics and try to predict the value, but this can only be approxomite.

I’d settle for just getting the targetContentOffset somehow from cordova.

My stack overflow question:

Here’s the ionic issue:


issue please refer to this article on using markdown in Githu

defect doesn’t really involve code… the delegate simply does not update nor provide the target position value for native scroll when there’s no touch event or deceleration complete event.