Can't get ion-item-sliding to work


Hello,I wonder if anyone can help me understand why the ion-item-sliding no longer work after I have upgraded a new version of the ionic -framework .

Also downloaded the ionic-conference app , but it may not work there either.

All kinds of tips to get ahead appreciated.


I have a tutorial for that here:

Also keep in mind that it may not work through the browser, I think there’s some funkiness going on with click vs touch events in Ionic 2 right now, but if you look at it through the device emulator in Chrome or on an actual device it should work.


Hello, I have even tried your tutorials without success , both Chrome and upload it to the Ionic View.

But i will do further testing to see if it is functioning on a physical device ( IOS)

Have you tested your tutorial lately with last stable version of ionic-framework ?


I’ve had it working using the code from my tutorial about 2 weeks ago probably, haven’t tried on the latest version though so it’s possible that something has changed.


This issue can be related:


For me it does not work in the Chrome device emulator, but does on the physical device.