Can't get @capacitor/app-launcher to work

I’m trying to use the Capacitor App Launcher API plugin to check whether one of my other apps is installed.

I’ve followed the documentation and added a method:

async checkCanOpen() {
    const { value } = await AppLauncher.canOpenUrl({ url: 'com.domain.myapp' }); // My other app's correct appId
    console.log('Can open url: ', value);

But all I get is the following error:

-canOpenURL: failed for URL: "com.domain.myapp" - error: "Invalid input URL"

I have set the entry in the .plist for both apps to:


But still having no joy. I’ve tried searching around but can’t find any definitive information that works. And every other suggestion is contrary to Capacitor’s documentation in that I should just use:


Has anyone faced any similar issues?