Can't find in android project (<project>/<app-module>/build.gradle)

Hello, I’m trying to add Firebase to my android app builded with ionic, the firebase’s documentation says:

build.gradle de aplicación (//build.gradle):
// Add to the bottom of the file
apply plugin: ‘’

But i can’t find that file in my project, i have these files in my Gradle Scripts:

build.gradle(Module: CordovaLib)
cordova.gradle(Module: CordovaLib)
build.gradle(Module: android)
settings.gradle(Project Settings) Locations)

Should i add it to the project’s build.gradel “(/build.gradle)”? And I would like to know if there is something else i should do beside the firebase’s documentation, thanks

Hi @zgluis ,

I’m struggling with the same - did you find a solutions to this?

Hello @janein,

Yes! I added the line to the build.gradle(Module: android) and it worked.