Can't create alert inside onFail function of http request

So I’m using the native HTTP cordova plugin for my http requests. But I can’t seem to wrap my head around a problem where I can’t create an alert inside the onFail function. Anyone else experienced this?

The error says:

Error in Error callbackId: CordovaHttpPlugin1608257770 : TypeError: Cannot
read property ‘alertCtrl’ of undefined
Here’s how I structured my code:

cordova.plugin.http.sendRequest('', options, function(response) {

    try {   //onSuccess = JSON.parse(;

        localStorage.setItem('token', JSON.stringify(;

      } catch(e) {
        console.error('JSON parsing error');
    },  function(response) {    //onFail

        let alert = this.alerts.create({
            title: 'Error',
            subTitle: 'Username/password is invalid!',
            buttons: ['Dismiss']


Here’s how my constructor looks like:

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController,
        private alerts: AlertController, 
        private http: HTTP, 
        private store: Storage, 
        ) {}

What’s causing it to not work? Been stuck for days on this. Please help

function is something you pretty much never ever want to type in an Ionic function. Instead you want to utilize the fat arrows syntax, i.e. =>.

What does this mean for your code?
It means change things like:
function(response) {
response => { or (response) => {

(There’s no difference between the two, the latter seems to be most accepted 'round these parts but the former seems the preferred by the TypeScript style guide)

Why? Angular’s HttpClient is much better I think.

A comment on this, which I imagine you probably know, but the OP probably doesn’t. Parentheses are mandatory if there’s more than one parameter.

function(x,y) { return x + y }
(x, y) => x + y

But if there’s only one parameter, the parentheses can be dropped because the compiler can still compile unambiguously.

function(x) { return x }
(x) => x
x => x

However, in the case of inheritance, where you’re defining a function to be used in an expression with super for example, you might need to use parentheses for a single parameter. That gets kinda complicated, and I don’t understand it well because I avoid using inheritance in Javascript.

Same here, inheritance gets kinda scary when there’s lots of stuff going on